Wednesday, November 8, 2017

HDTV Antenna #review

HDTV Antenna, Firstbuy Best Indoor 1080P Amplified Digital TV Antenna 50 Mile Range with Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster,USB Power Supply, 16.5Ft High Performance Coaxial Cable https://www.amazon.com/Firstbuy-Amplified-Detachable-16-5Ft-High-Performance/dp/B074Z2ZQ81 
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #firstbuy check out this digital antenna if you don’t want to pay high costs for cable or satellite. It’s easy to set up and use! Just hook up through the coaxial cable and then plug in the antenna into the wall outlet. Set your tv to scan for channels and done. You can get local channels like Fox, NBC,CW and more. Unfortunately though I must be to far from a satellite tower because I only got 5 channels; 2 Spanish channels, a church channel and GETTV channel and a crime channel lol. Oh well! But it could work for others that are in better areas. So check it out!

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