Saturday, March 10, 2018

First time lucky by Chance Carter #review #book

Chance Carter is such an amazing writer and I’ve loved every one of his books. If you haven’t read any yet you are seriously missing out. I couldn’t wait for First time lucky to come out and now I’m so happy it is here finally!

Shane and Dallas’ story is a sweet high school love story! Shane is this shy guy that is totally hot and a talented football player in school. He has had eyes for Dallas forever but was so afraid his financial status would play against him. 

Dallas is a sweet caring girl that just hangs out with the wrong crowd. Her friends are jerks and by the end you want to beat everyone of them up for not helping her but hurting her instead. She totally has the hots for Shane but never lets him know.

Unfortunately their story has some twists and turns that make this story interesting and I couldn’t put it down. Eventually they all get what they deserve but I was worried for a while. This is such a great book and storyline that I know you will absolutely love it. The sex scenes are hot and the romance is sweet! I definitely recommend this book for any one who loves romance books! Get it today!

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