Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Guard Me by JL Beck and Cassandra Hallman #review #book #adult

Jl beck and Cassandra Hallman have a new book out called Guard me and it’s the third book in the series but it can be read alone. I read the first two and couldn’t wait to read this one. They are amazing writers and their books have been amazing so I couldn’t wait to read about Ivan and Violet’s story.

Ivan and Violet’s story is intense and kind of dark but so good. Violet is a sweet innocent girl just out trying to enjoy her 18th birthday. She about to start college and begin her adult life until she gets kidnapped. Her life changes tremendously and all she wants is to get free and see her sister. She’s a fighter though and she sees the best in her unexpected hero.

Ivan is a higher up in a sex trafficking auction and is feared by his men. He might not like his boss but he knows his place and does his job. He knows he’s a bad man and that’s okay to him until he is grabbed by Violet. Violet thinks he is good and that he can save her. He wants her and wants to be what he sees but he knows that’s not him and it’s not easy to take her and run away without severe consequences. Is she worth it? Can he be what she wants? Will they survive the wrath?

This book has it all! It has suspense, emotion, tears, anger, and sweet lovemaking with some sexy sex scenes as well. It is a bit emotional with the sex trafficking and horror that goes down in real life in those but it makes the storyline more real and I absolutely couldn’t put the book down. I definitely recommend it! Two thumbs up! Pick it up today on Amazon

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