Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Rocked by Love by Melissa Foster #review #books


As you know I love Melissa Foster's' books, I just can’t get enough of them! The storylines are always so captivating. Well her newest book, Rocked by love, just came out today and you have to get it today because it’s that good!

This book follows Johnny Bad the handsome rock star and Jillian Braden the amazing fashion designer both of which I’ve heard of in other books in collections. Poor Johnny’s rockstar life gets turned upside down when a 14 year daughter, who he didn’t know he had, gets dropped off at his door and his crooked embezzling manager knew about it the whole time and has been paying the greedy no good mother off. So now right before he was supposed to be going on a huge tour that he now has to cancel he has to figure out how to be a dad to a teenager full of attitude as well as find a new manager for his band. Is this the end of his career, reputation and life or can the fiery outspoken fashion designer who was supposed to design his tour clothes now help design his life?
Jillian is a spunky tell it how it is woman who don’t put up with no guy’s crap. She grew up with all brothers as the only daughter she had to learn to be strong against controlling and annoying men. She is hired to design Johnny’s clothing for his tour and after being canceled on 3 times she was going to give this spoiled inconsiderate rockstar a piece of her mind before quitting. Can Johnny get her to stay and help him or will she tell him where the door is and to kiss her you know what?
This story has so much feeling and emotion. The ups and downs of the story had me intrigued from chapter one. There’s times of laughter and times of tears and frustration. I absolutely loved this book and I know you will too! So get it today!

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