Monday, March 2, 2009

lets get to know me! My Monkey's 1st Birthday Bash

Ok Today I figure since this site is pretty new and most of you are here for the first time why not do like a 20's game. I will post a few questions and I will answer them and then you guys can comment with questions about me or my kids or whatever you'd like to know even if you'd like me to show pics of me or my house or something and I will answer them. I figured this would be a fun way to get to know the blog owner me haha!

1. Name - Toni Lynn Jensen (other last names Ive had maiden name- McCusker and 1st married name Headrick)

2. Birthday- 11-16-1980

3. place of birth- Phoenix, AZ

4 mom & Dad- Dolores McCusker(Reed, Hooley) & William Harold Hooley

5. Siblings- Moms side- 2 sisters and one brother all older & dads side 1 sister and 3 brothers all older except one younger bro

6.favorite color- Yellow

7 favorite flower- daisies

8 Favorite food- depends on my mood love BBQ and seafood and Chinese

9. kids- 5 biological kids( 4 girls, 1 boy) and 1 step daughter

10. schooling- I had a college degree in medical billing and was continuing for pediatric nurse

11. Job- SAHM(which breaks down to maid, chef,taxi driver, personal shopper, doctor, entertainer, etc.) , and hopefully soon to be Photographer

12 Favorite show- I love House, Fringe, and Young and restless

Ok that is all I can think of at the moment plus I got to leave some of my life for you guys to get into hahaha

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jenny said...

lol ok well happy to meet you and well happy b-day to your little monkey my girls b-day was on the 2nd