Monday, March 2, 2009

Waa-Tah Challege!

Ok so I did the Waa-Tah challege. I was scepical but thought hey if it gets my kids to drink water then its worth a try right? So when i recieve it I was surprised on how kid freindly the bottle pictures were. I put them in my fridge to get cold next to milk, pop, and juice. The next day when the kids were playing outside and came to me to ask for a drink I told them to get something out of the fridge. When i came upstairs becuase they were asking if they could have this and I said this what they just said this lol got to love kids haha. When i got there they were pointing to the Waa-Tah. Wow!! I thought to myself do they know it is just water haha! I said sure but let me get my camera to prove you what this as they call it. I am still shocked they drank it.

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