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Monday, May 4, 2009

Things remembered review

OK I have always loved stuff for Things remembered. I love things we can personalized our self which make make everything more valuable! well I got the chance to check out their new line called Charm Story and I must say they did it again it will be a huge hit! If you still need something for Mothers Day or Fathers day you need to check them out!I got this gorgeous necklace with my favorite saying i use alot which is "live life like there's no tomorrow"! This means a lot to me after I lost my nephew I realized how short life is and realize i need to live and not worry as much! Which is hard being a mom to 6 but I try! I want my family to have and do everything! So this gorgeous heart necklace was perfect! It even brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful! It was tough enough to handle my 1 year old tugging and wanting to touch! I must say this is the one of the best Mothers day gift ever!

So check out this collection and all the others at this awesome store you will find something for everyone ! http://www.thingsremembered.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Category_10001_9951_4804_4804_?int=charms_img&position=HPlifestyle