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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Certain Dri review

So I got the chance to test out the Certain Dri Solid Anti-Perspirant and in this family we sweat alot so it was something i wanted to try not only for me but also for my husband and my mom. When i first used it I smelled it because that's just me i smell everything. I love good smelling things. It has a baby powder smell which was OK with me better than others out there i have smelled and gaged ha ha. It is a solid and white so i was nervous with that because white tends to get all over my shirt but surprisingly it actually did go on clear and didn't get on my clothes. It left me drier and fresher all day even after all day in the hot sun doing photos which is great.

My husband wasn't fond of the smell but tried it anyways and it also kept him drier all day and smelling fresher too. That is a wonderful things for me he he. My mother also tried it and was pleased. She normally uses a deodorant stone which she swears by but she exactly said she would use this too! That is a great compliment from my mother ha ha!

Overall Certain Dri has worked so far with our family and i think its worth a try at least in your family. so check it out at local retailers near you and http://www.certaindri.com/Pages/CD_Home.
Here is some company info:

While you may feel that excessive underarm perspiration is your problem, alone, there are millions of people --women and men, of all ages and races -- who suffer from this condition, known as axillary hyperhidrosis. Perhaps the embarrassment causes you to worry about body odor, avoid certain social situations, to alter your clothing selections or to avoid settings that you know will cause excessive perspiration.

Now, with Certain Dri® Anti-Perspirant with New! 72 Hour Protection from excessive underarm sweating, also available in new solid application and new Certain Dri A.M.™ Underarm Refresher – The Certain Dri® Protection System™– you can raise your arms again...with confidence. Make certain you're dry... with Certain Dri®.

Plus, Certain Dri® is taking it a step further, literally, by introducing new Certain Dri® FEET Moisture Control Pads and Certain Dri® FEET Microsponge® Powder. When used together as the Certain Dri® Feet Protection System, the two, new products offer maximized results for controlling foot perspiration and odor. Click here to learn more about the Certain Dri® FEET Products. http://www.certaindri.com/Pages/CD_Home


Anonymous said...

thank you for the information,,
i also have that problem,,i cannot find the solution, because i my country(Indonesia), we haven't sell that kind of deodorant. i don't know why,but..I'm very2 need it so much,,
can you help me Mommies Angles???

Anonymous said...

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