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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Glasses Usa review

As I nearsighted, farsighted and I have focusing issues I am supposed to wear eyeglasses at all times. Well actually I'm supposed to wear bifocals but I cant stand bifocals so I just have regular glasses to see all the time and reading glasses when I read. Glasses are so expensive these days and on top of that you got the eye exam and etc. that makes the bill just outrageous. I don't have insurance and so we cant afford them. Only my kids have insurance so me and my hubby get looked over when it comes to glasses, dentist, doctors and etc. Well Glasses USA gave me a pair of their glasses and I was shocked! I was excited to get me a pair of glasses I like and that made be able to see clearly again.
I was surprised when I got to check out their selection of Prescription glasses, there were soo many great frames! The best part they were all reasonable too. I mean I could actually afford to get a pair that was a great relief. I decided to get plastic frames since the nose pieces on regular metal frames hurt my nose and give me a sinus headache. The plastic frames lucky don't have them ha ha. I was actually think before hand plastic frames are so big and ugly and that I'm not sure if I was going to like any of them. Boy was I wrong that has some awesome frames and all so cute! I got the Hilarie black frames and I love them. They aren't to bulky and I love the shape. They are so light and feel great on. I can see great again without squinting and nothing is blurry. I even can wear them with being on the computer with no glare or distorting which is great because 80% of my work is on the computer.
If you need eyeglasses frames you should definitely check out Glasses USA they are awesome! The customer service is awesome and people there are so wonderful and nice and not to mention helpful. The frames and lenses are so reasonable you can fit them in to about any budget. I mean we have a family of 8 living on a wage of $9.85 hour and even we could figure out a way to fit it in to our budget. Trust me there will be frame you will love for yourself, spouse, loved one or even children. So head on over and check them out I know you will be glad you did. Also don't forget the awesome giveaway going on here with my back to school event and complete pair of eyeglasses free such a awesome giveaway!


Kris said...

Those are cute. Wish I could afford an appointment to have my eyes checked....I need glasses but just can't get up the $$