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Monday, August 17, 2009

Food Storage (Aunt Kate's Roll Mix) review

Don't we all love fresh baked goodies like bread, rolls, cookies, etc?? I know in this house we do! I tend to try and buy baked goods either fresh or boxes of mix and make my self since I am too busy to make from scratch haha. Well I found a great website that sell all the awesome bake good ready to make and even stuff to have in your pantries for emergency supplies. The best part is they are so yummy and easy. http://foodstoragedepot.com/

We got the chance to try Aunt Kate's Quality Roll mix which is their top seller and now we know why. We made them for my mom's friends birthday BBQ and they were a hit. They were so easy to make and taste awesome. Everybody wanted more and we made alot! They were soft with a little sweet taste to them. These are definitely a favorite in this house.If you like fresh breads and rolls you must try these.

I definitely recommend Food storage to anyone that like to be prepared and store there food for emergencies or just because it is easier to shop once a month then 3 times a week haha. I wish I had a food pantry to store food because Id definitely be coming back for more of their yummy bread mix and roll mix and Id love to try their soups and dinners! Check them out at http://foodstoragedepot.com/