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Monday, August 17, 2009

Healthy coffee yes it is true!

I had the chance to test out OrGano Gold Gourmet Black Coffee and I was excited to try it. I am not a big fan of instant coffee but this want bad. I did use one packet to more like 24 ozs of water instead of a 8 oz cup since I don't like strong coffee. I am a big coffee drinker well ok I have to have a cup every morning to function lol but the rest of the day I don't. Well when I heard about Organo Gold and their amazing products I wanted to try them to see if they do what they honestly say they do. The coffee was rich, bold and flavorful. I couldn't taste anything different and would never know the difference between it and regular coffee. I drank it for 3 days straight to see if I felt anything different. Well I must say it didn't take too long and I was already feeling more calm, relaxed not jittery like regular coffees. I felt good. I felt more focused and ready to get to work and less ability to be distracted. Of course I haven't drank it long enough to see if it does the major claims of overall health, cholesterol, anti inflammatory effect and SO much more, but just from what I felt so far I feel this is a great healthy alternative to regular coffee and does help me focus.

Here is some company info:

We have all heard that coffee is bad for our health. What if I told you that coffee can be good for you? What If I told you about a coffee that is substantially lower in caffeine than commercially processed decaf coffees, yet gives you all the rich flavour and even more energy than fully-caffeinated coffee? What if I told you that this coffee might actually improve your sleep, balance your PH, increase oxygen to your brain, help balance your weight, and boost your overall health so efficiently that you can feel the benefits almost immediately?

What if I told you that this is REAL coffee (not a coffee substitute) grown and processed organically without the use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones or artificial fertilizers? What if I told you that this coffee actually helps to remove toxins from your body, and with every cup you drink, you can feel better and realize increasing health benefits? And, what if this particular coffee tastes good, really good?

You can guess by now that we are talking about:

Ganoderma Coffee

This is perhaps the first time that you can tell the whole family to "have a cup of coffee" and know that it is loaded with health giving properties which make this great for even the kids, it is also available in a Tea and Cocoa beverage!http://www.ganoderma-online.com/Ganoderma-Coffee.html

How can Ganoderma Coffee be healthy?

Very Low Caffeine Regular coffee has approximately 135 mg of caffeine.
Tea has approximately 50 mg of caffeine.
A Diet Coke has 46 mg of caffeine.
One ounce of dark chocolate has 22 mg of caffeine.
Ganoderma Coffee has just 9 mg of caffeine.

Non-Acidic Coffee is too acidic, so unfortunately many people must avoid coffee or limit the number of cups they drink in a day.
Most coffee has a pH of 5.5
Ganoderma Coffee has a neutral pH between 7.3 and 7.5

Check it out and all the other great product like hot cocoa, tea, even skin care at http://www.rileycoffee.com/