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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pebble.com is a hit for back to school!

Now if you like to shop for bargain and sometimes hate going to store to store and not finding anything just wasting your time. I hate that! well now there is Pebble.com They have a built in, at-a-glance price comparisons from some of the web's best stores and also a Q&A forum on each page (so you can ask other users questions about a particular product and get an answer right away).

With back to school shopping going on right now you can type in back to school or kids clothes, or even school supplies and it will search tons of stores for the best deals on the net. That is awesome. You are now saving time and money all in one isnt that nice! So check out Pebble.com and tell me what you think. I think its nice to find all the deals in one spot! Do you have any other places you find the best back to school deals?? Well why dont you Share we'd all love deals and clearances. I know I live for them not only for school but birthdays and holidays too.