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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Discount School Supplies review

I know back to school is over and most all school supplies are done being bought but if your kids are like my kids mid year I have to buy more. Plus this time of the year is time to make crafts and special gifts and discount school supplies has even thing you need for school, or to make home made Christmas presents from your kids to grandma and grandpa. They even have stuff that would make awesome presents for the kids. http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/
We received the Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera Paint Kit and my kids were in awe. They love making crafts. They adore painting even if I hate the mess ha ha well at least these are washable. They flip over play dough or putty. So this kit was perfectly made for my kids. We first used the paint to decorate pumpkins and they all had a blast and the pumpkins were one of a kind lol. Even the kids were colorful! Next we decided to make ornaments for grandma and Nana for Christmas. So we used cookie cutters to cut the putty and then the kids each painted their ornaments and we are now waiting for them to dry. They are so excited to hand them their special presents.

I loved that the paint actually washed off easily and no stains even none on their clothes so that is a bonus for me. We love the variety of the colors. The Putty I like because there was no smell like other doughs. I cant stand some of the other doughs they make me sick with the smells. I think the putty was neat to the kids because it felt like foam and didn't leave their hands all sticky and doughy. The rollers and stamps were adorable and easy so that my younger ones could use them too. The best part is it is all non toxic thank goodness since my 19 month old painted her tongue ha ha.

We really enjoyed this kit and now I am looking into some of the other kits for the kids for Christmas presents. Those are my kids favorite presents. So if you want some great craft items, or school supplies or even Christmas and birthday presents check out discount school supplies at http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/ you are sure to find something you and your kids will love.


Discount School Supply said...

Thanks so much for this great post! Discount School Supply really does have so much to offer, (and all at the lowest prices guaranteed-- which is something we can all appreciate, right?) It's a great place to shop for back to school, holiday crafting, holiday gifts, just as you said. Thanks so much for the review. Glad the kids had fun. Those pumpkins are adorable!
-Laurel from Discount School Supply

Tiffy said...

What a great site! I'll be bookmarking it. School supplies can add up quick!