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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rich's review

As most of you know my baby girl has allergies to Oats, Milk, Lactose, Casein, Whey, Cream and anything that contains anytime of a milk or milk protein. It has been tough to find alot that she can eat unless I make everything from scratch. I am daily finding more and more she can eat but it is still a challenge. So when I heard about Rich's products being milk and dairy free I had to try it.

I got Rich's Richwhip non dairy whip topping to put on some fruit for her and jello and she loved it. She always sees the kids with whip cream or ice cream and she can never have any so she felt included with this and it was a awesome feeling. I actually used it for all the kids and they could not tell the difference. They actually started to gripe at me about giving it to Destiny because "mom Des cant have cream she is lerrgic." Haha I had to tell them that only this kind is OK she can have it. It was cute that they care enough to gripe at me.

The only thing that is hard for me is to get Rich's brand product the closest store that carries it is Sunflower in Orem which is about a 20 minute drive from my house. But for holidays and birthdays it is worth the drive to get her something she can have to be included in the festivities. I definitely recommend all Rich's products to anyone who is lactose intolerant or allergies to milk products. They not only have whipped topping they have coffee creamer, pre whipped topping and then the whipped topping. So check them out. If you want to see if Rich's products are at a store near you go to their website and their is a product locater.

A little more info:

RichWhip Non-Dairy Whip Topping-
*RichWhip Non-Dairy Whip Topping is easy and convenient – just thaw, pour, and whip in your mixer.
*RichWhip® Non-Dairy Whip Topping is:
*Lactose free
*100% milk free
*Gluten free
*Vegan (no animal-derived ingredients)
*Kosher pareve


Vegiegail said...

Just curious: What is the ingredients list for Rich's? I buy Soyatoo Whipped Topping. There's one that comes in a spray can, and one that you whip up yourself. They also make one from rice, instead of soy. All are very tasty, and the ingredients might be cleaner than RichWhip.