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Friday, February 5, 2010

GReat new product coming soon plus upcoming review

4 Moms Online has some handy products I wish I had when my kids were little. If you know of anyone having a baby or has a little one you must share with them this site!
They are releasing a new item called the Mamaroo and I must say it looks neat. It is like a rocker, swing, bouncer and seat all in one. I want one of these!! I would love to get one of these for my soon to be 1st time mom niece. It will be making its release on April 30th so make sure to check it out!

I am doing a virtual baby shower for my niece in March and I will be reviewing alot of must have baby items and doing some awesome giveaways as well. One of those items is the Clean water Infant tub. This looks like such a great tub to have. When my kids were little I hated the baby bath tubs. I would end up just laying either a towel in the bath and lay them on it or a sponge. They never covered them completely and they were always sitting in the dirty water. With Clean Water tub this will never be the case. It circulates the water and keeps the dirty and clean water separated. It also has a cool cup holder and digital thermometer so you know the water is always perfect temp. This looks like a must have with a baby. Make sure you check back in March for a awesome review and giveaway of this cool tub and many more baby items. If you are a company and want to be included in this big event feel free to contact me.