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Friday, March 5, 2010

Mother Nature's Funny Not!!!

So with the first day of Spring in 2 weeks on March 20th you would think it would begin the weather approach to this date. Warming up and so on. Ha ha well mother nature played a cruel joke on us and I'm not laughing. We got up to mid to high 50's this week I mean really awesome sweater weather. It was beautiful. I was beginning to look like spring. Then Bam Mother nature decided to remind us ha ha its still winter you silly people. We woke up to at least 12 inches of snow this morning. Really WTH is this crap!! Best part of it the kids have off today for Non Contract Day, really don't get me started on the school districts days off its ridiculous, so yes a 3 day weekend with 6 kids stuck indoors. Plus with me being down the last 2 days sick as a dog and going in for surgery in exactly 2 weeks and the baby shower event starting Monday I am swamped with work and not to mention school work for me too. Something is telling me this is gonna be a long weekend! Look at this mess we woke up to today!! Really I am not happy!!


Lisa said...

I seriously think I would cry at this point if we got anymore snow!! I'm sick of it and soooo ready for warm weather.

It's pretty but I wouldn't be happy either:(