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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

UMI review and discount

So with 6 kids that are growing faster then I can keep up with I am always trying to find good quality clothes and especially shoes. So when Umi agreed to let me try their shoes I was excited to see if they were all the hype or not. I can say they have a awesome selection of shoes. They range from baby to children's. They have the most stylish shoes out there.
So we got the Lissy-red plaid and the Capri-chocolate shoes for my almost 2 year old and my 5 year old. The Lissy shoes are absolutely adorable on my little baby. She walks smoother in them and she seems like she is very comfortable in them. They are very flexible and have the slip resistant soles, which is great for my baby girl. I love the color and details of these adorable shoes. They are made tough and look like they will last a while. I think she will out grow them before they even show wear on them. I love that they are very cushioning. They are great shoes. The Capri- Chocolate shoes are adorable. They remind me of keds shoes. The are like sneakers but cuter. These are perfect for my 5 year old. I love the thick fabric and easy cleaned. The soles are flexible and slip proof. These are great school shoes and the cute style are a perfect must have for this season. I love how tough made these shoes are. I think not only will my 5 year old wear them but they will make it through my 3 year old and my baby. Umi shoes have won me over. I will be buying more for my kids. These have showed me enough proof that they are better then alot of other shoes I have wasted money on for my kids. The best part is that they are reasonable priced and that I can get them in sizes for my 9 and 11 year old which is great because alot of shoe stores don't carry a big selection in the bigger sizes and Umi does.

I really believe you should check out Umi and their awesome selection and what better time then now since Umi is giving my readers a great discount from now til march 17th. Just use MA317 for a 10% discount. Also sign up to be a fan of Umi's Facebook for the latest styles, news and deals.