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Monday, April 26, 2010

NEUMA Review

I love finding all natural products especially if they work great. So when NEUMA sent me a sample of their new products that launch this Spring I was excited to try them.

So your thinking what is NEUMA right? Well it is a luxury brand of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion totally focused on health and sustainability. Utilizing even a higher degree of certified organic ingredients than Head Organics, NEUMA contains no synthetic fragrance – only 100% pure essential oils and naturally derived plant extracts.

The first thing I tried was the shampoo. It had a light citrus smell to it. I actually thought is smelled nice and refreshing. It seemed to get my hair clean. It didnt leave it oily or to dry which is great. My hair wasnt too frizzy like usual. I was impressed.

The conditioner had a vanilla and citrus smell. It left my hair soft and smooth. No greasy residue. Made my ends look and feel healthier. Overall it performed great.

The lotion was also a citrus smell. It was a little runnier then I like for lotions but it left my legs and hands smooth and silky. I did have to reapply it in a couple hours since my skin is so dry.

Overall I like the way all 3 of them worked and loved the fact they were all natural with no harmful chemicals. I would definitely buy them again! So head over and check NEUMA out. They will be out soon!


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