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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Coming soon CSN review and giveaway

So I wanted to give you a heads up that soon I will be doing a review and giveaway from CSN Stores. Now why is this store great well one thing is its not one store it is over 200 stores. Its a place where you can get everything from Bathroom Vanities , Toys, Kitchen appliances, bedroom funiture, baby stuff, cutlary, silverware, house remodeling stuff, and so much more. Gosh it would take me all day to name everything they carry. Their prices are awesome! You really can find anything and everything you need all at CSN Stores.
I am excited that I will be reviewing the Ginsu 14 Piece Bakelite Traditional Knife and Block Set in Black. I really hope they are awesome because I really need knifes in this house. Mine are over 10 years old and suck bad. I was shocked at the low price of this set so I am so excited to see if all the hype is right.
I will also be reviewing Back to Basics Snow Shredder Factory Dual Ice Shaver just in time for summer. Me and my family love snow cones. I had a ice shaver but it broke after like 1 month and I paid over $60 for the thing. I was very disapointed. This one was a great price and alot cheaper then my last one so I hope it works better and last longer because I am  craving snow cones. Yummy!!

Then I will have a special giveaway to go with our Fun in the Sun summer event. Trust me its something you and your kids will definitely want this summer. So keep a eye out for these reviews and a great giveaway from CSN Stores