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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Micheal Bolton Review and Giveaway ends 6-4

Do you love music? We love music in our house. Whenever we are cooking or eating dinner music is on. Take a bath well of course music is on. Cleaning house or chores music is on. We listen to at least 1 to 2 hours of music a day. We love it! We love all kinds from rock and roll to classical and children's and country and so on. They best music is the ones that touch your soul and either relax you or get you up and moving. So when we got to review a new CD from Micheal Bolton thanks to Music moms we jumped at the chance. I mean really it was Michael Bolton. Who doesn't know Michael Bolton?

Not only is he cute and have the most gorgeous eyes he is a awesome singer. His music is the type that can do multiple things. Some of his songs slow you down and get you relaxed. Other songs get you up and make you want to dance and of course there are some that set the mood lol. So when the CD arrived I couldn't wait to hear it. Michael Bolton's One world One love CD is his newest  addition to his multiple Cd's out there right now. It was just release to stores May 4th and I must say it is one of his best Cd's. I mean all of his are good but I love the songs and the tones and the moods this Cd had. Even my kids liked it and asked who he was lol. My mom has even tooken it to listen to it because she loves it. So I guess ill have to buy her the CD for her birthday ha ha. My favorite songs were Just One love and You Comfort Me. This is definitely a new hit  in our house and gets listen to many times a week. It is just that good!

Song List on the CD
1. Just One Love
2. Ready For You
3. Hope It's Too Late
4. Murder My Heart
5. The Best
6. My Lady
7. Need You To Fall
8. Sign Your Name
9. What You're Doing To Me
10. Survivor
11. You Comfort Me
12. Crazy In Love

You can get you copy of this great CD at Amazon right now Brand New for only $10. That is a awesome deal! So head over and get it now!

I have one copy to give away to one lucky reader.

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