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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Real reason for Memorial Day!

Some people have forgot what this day is actually for. Its not for camping, BBQs and drinking and partying. Nope I know that is crazy right? NO! It is the day remember the people who fought for us and our loved ones to make this country free! Its about our Flag flying high and knowing they are the reason why. The brave, the strong, the men and women in our military that fight for us when we cant or wont. They are proud to be out there keeping us safe. Some come home and some never will. But they are all heros and will be forever in our minds and hearts!!! So remember what Memorial day is really about! Shed a tear, thank the people  that served our country and remember the people who have passed before us!

 Always loved this poem and it fits perfectly!
This one honestly brought tears to my eyes. It is so true!
This one is great love it!!
This is a song my daughters class sang for our military and it will make you cry. It is awesome!