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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Grace

Its has been 4 years since my Gracie baby was born and it seem like a week ago. She has always been a mama's girl. She is very extremely shy. She is afraid of everything but she is my Grace Anne Marnae Jensen or for short Gracie Baby haha. She is not your typical girl. Why do I say this well because she love anything pirate and skull and cross bones. She loves hot pink and black. She loves Thomas the train. She loves unicorns. She is very particular with things we call her OCD. she has to have her bed made with her animals all lined up in a row on her bed. She color cordinates her candy. She takes her time to open her birthday presents being very careful not to rip the paper this is why I put everything in bags it make things alot faster for her lol. She loves video games. She likes to be left alone to do her own thing. She would of made a perfect only chuld lol. She loves coloring and making bead bracelets and yes they are color cordinated. She is a cuddler and a calm child and pretty quiet. Now if the other 5 kids could learn somethings from it that would be nice haha. She loves to help me clean and she will make sure the walls are spotless haha. She is my girl!!

4 years ago she came into this world 3 weeks early. The pregnancy was a hard one I dilated to 2 centimeters at 16 weeks after having a siezure the hospital told me to go home that I was having a miscarriage. From that point on I went to a specialist every 2 weeks for ultrasounds and check ups. She was strong and not giving up that easily. She was stubborn then and no one was gonna tell her what she was gonna do. She was born June 29 weighing in at 6lbs 14 ounces and 21 inches long. She was healthy other than a little jaundice from being early. She had a full head of black hair that stood straight out. It was soo cute.

to think that was 4 years ago blows me away. She is starting school in August and is so smart. I cant wait to see what the future holds for her. I know she is strong will and determined so she will get far in life. I just hope she doesnt grow up to fast!! Happy Birthday Gracie Baby We love you so much!!!


Abbi said...

Happy Birthday Gracie and have fun at school....To Momma, isn't it amazing. I have 5 children ages 18, 15, 11, 9, and 8. I can't believe my oldest is 18 and it makes me want to cry that my youngest is already 8. Each with their own distinct personalities. Just amazing.