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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Neutrogena UltraSheer Liquid Sunblock review

With summer right around the corner and the weather getting nice to spend alot of time outdoors its time to start thinking about sunblock and skin protection. Skin cancer is become more and more of a big deal and more people are getting it. Leading cause is the sun. Most sunblocks only go up to 45 or 50 SPF, which is good but isnt 70 SPF better? I would say so especially when it comes down to my kids.

So when I got to try out Neutrogen's Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunblock I was shocked to see that it was 70 SPF. I loved that I could wear it under my makeup and it wouldnt leave my face greasy or too shiny. I ultimately love that it was waterproof beacause we play in the water alot during the summer and have to reapply a lot of sunscreen because of it. Now not only do I get to spend more time playing and less putting sunscreen on I also save money as well.

Overall in the few days of using it while outside. I havent broke out and havent been greasy. It was light and easy to put on. I didnt get any sunburn and I knew I was safe. I recommend this Sunblock to everyone. YOu should really head out and get yours before spending time outdoors.