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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Blogging

I have been crazy lately with Summer the kids out and my oldest 2 leaving for a month and house cleaning and so much more things that need done I really am going in circles haha. So whats your least favorite chore?? Mine is Laundry! Its one of those chores that never ends. You think yay i did my last load and turn around and see 3 more loads. really its not the washing part that sucks I mean I wish I had a new washer and dryer nothing fancy just something that didnt leak and washed better but I dont so I deal haha. I hate folding and putting the clothes away. I got like 20 loads folded sitting in the laundry room waiting to go to kids rooms to put away. I am slacking. The other thing I hate about laundry is stains I have honestly tried every soap , detergent, stain remover I can find and nothing takes the kids stains out like juice, formula and dirt. They ruin all the new clothes I buy with stains. I really am thinking of buying everything white cause then I can soak them in bleach even though it weakens them after a few times and then the rip oh well you cant win either way.

The other thing I hate doing is dishes. My dish washer broke so I have to wash everything by hand and it sucks. I miss a dish washer. Also I hate cleaning the bathroom tub and floors it really sucks I mean the tub and sink and toliet aint bad with my Soft Scrub total but the floors suck I think I might have to bleach them. The grout is disgusting.

So what are you chores you hate? What chores take over your day? Do you have any house hold secret that make cleaning easier or get stains out?


tawnda said...

my kids were beyond that stage by the time I heard about this... but try rust remover on formula stains... something with the iron in formula...