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Monday, July 12, 2010

Diamond Brillance cutlery review

With holidays fast approaching lets start thinking about holiday dinners Thanksgiving and Christmas or even BBQ over the summer if your like me I hate washing dishes after a party. I use disposable when ever I can but at fancier parties I don't want to use cheap ugly plastic silverware well you don't have to any more. Diamond Brilliance Cutlery has came out with plastic silverware that is so realistic looking you guest would think they are elegant silverware.

I got a box of Diamond Brilliance Cutlery and used them for my daughter birthday party and got so many wows because everyone thought they were real forks and spoons. People were like do you have plastic forks I hate to get your silver all dirty for you to wash and I would tell them they are plastic and as soon as I say that they are picking them up staring at them saying wow they look so real. Everyone loved them. Now I know what I am using for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

Diamond Brilliance Cutlery  adds a stylish flair to any summer gathering with its elegant design. The reusable plastic cutlery looks just like real silver with an intricate design and polished finish. At only $4.49 per box, Diamond Brilliance is an affordable way to spruce up a barbecue or dinner party.