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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Happy Anniversary Babe!!

Today is My 4 year Anniversary. Me and my hubby have been together 6 1/2 years and as of today married 4 years. We got married 3 weeks after having our 5th child. I had 2 from a previous marriage and he had 1 from his previous marriage. So when we got together we were a instant family of 5 lol. So when we got married we were a family of 7 and we paid for our wedding all by ourselves. We bought the dresses & suits for everyone in the bridal party, the flowers, the place and etc. I am proud of that because It was our wedding and it was perfect and we didnt stress anyone out for the cost and the design of it all. I picked the date because it was all 3 of my lucky numbers lol. 7-21-06 such a lucky day! We have been through ups and down but we always prevail. It's funny how love works like that! We arent doing much today becuase we are totally broke other wise we would definitely go on a date night but cant afford a resterant and movies right now but thats life with 6 kids and bills! So tonight kids are going to bed at 7 which means asleep at 8 haha. Then we are gonna have a homemade steak and veggies dinner and share a dessert! We are thinking instead of a movie we are gonna do a game night together the Wii and card games! It should be a good night!
 I love you babe! Happy Anniversary!!


Katie said...

happy anniversary! you looked great for being only 3 weeks post partum!