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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Next Day Flyers

Remember those back to school photos I posted recently? There’s a way to have those photos turned into professionally printed photo postcards. Photo postcards are fun to create and even better to receive. All you have to do is visit http://www.nextdayflyers.com/  . You can select the size of your postcard, they range from 4x6 to 8.5x11, and from there you can use their Design Online feature. Not to worry, graphic design experience isn’t necessary. You can start by using one of their easy to use templates, or you can be bold and create your own design unique to you and the kiddos. There are options to upload your photos, add text, and add other graphical elements, like stars, circles, or arrows. When you’re done, you can place an order, and they get shipped right to your door. Next Day Flyers also has a lot of other cool products like printed business cards , brochures, and even posters. They even have custom greeting cards which are great for sending out around the holidays. The website is incredibly user friendly, but if you get stuck, they have an online chat feature, or you can even pick up the phone and quickly connect to a customer service rep. Who knew printing could actually be fun?