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Friday, September 24, 2010

The New Adventures of the Old Christine- What's the craziest thing youve done for your kids

Christine in The New Adventures of the Old Christine has to deal with alot being a single mom. I mean some of of have been in that situation and some of us haven't but either way just being a mom is alot of work. Being a mom means we have someone or someones to take care of, be responsible for, and live for and well some time we done extremely crazy things for our kids that before kids you would never of done ever not even for a million dollars OK well maybe for a million dollars but you get the point lol.

I have done alot of things I would of never done before well because I was extremely shy and all as a kid and teenager. I deal with a jerk of a ex because of my kids. I have been a total psycho manic crazy lady defending my kids. Normally I am a mellow and shy and sane person but when it comes to my kids and all I can be the total opposite. Also before kids you would of never seen me out with jammies on , no makeup, hair pulled back and so unready. Now with kids it is normal for all of those things to happen I will run into walmart with jammies on kids in a tshirt. I miss having time to get all pretty with makeup and curled hair and cute clothes but now a days I am lucky if I have enough time to get kids dress and decent and myself dress and hair brushed at least lol. Life surely changes when you have kids. Big Time!!! Would I change it nope not for anything. I mean there are days I want to scream to the top of my lungs and lock myself in my room or runaway for a few hours by myself but honestly I wouldn't last long with out my kids around. I would do anything for them crazy or sane I don't care they are my world.

In The New Adventures of the Old Christine she does some funny and crazy things for her son and I totally relate to her because I would do some of the same things for mine. But honestly it is still funny to watch her make a fool of herself sometimes lol. So tune in to "The New Adventures of Old Christine" 5 days a week! Check out http://www.oldchristineweekdays.com/listings/ to find your local show times.