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Monday, October 11, 2010

Native remedies- All natural childrens sleep aide Serenite jr review

My youngest is 2 1/2 and still wakes up 1 to 2 times a night. It is so frustrating. People told me once she ate solids, nope. Then it was once she was in a crib, nope. Then they told me once she was in her own room, nope. Then it was I forget but either way nothing has helped. She is pasted the age of crying her way back to sleep since she is in a toddler bed and can open her door herself and let her self out. We have been on a strict routine since she was born so that wasn't the problem either. So when I was approached by Native Remedies to do a review and I checked out their site and seen a sleep aide safe for babies I knew this is what I wanted to try.

Native Remedies has all kinds of all natural remedies for Adults, Children and babies. Their is a few things I want to try. I am big on all natural remedies because they are safer and less side effects. Now I wont say all are good and work but alot do and I believe and trust in them.

I got the Serenite Jr. which I said is a all natural sleep aide for babies and children. It helps them promote sleep patterns, settle occasional night time disturbance, helps soothe teeth related sleep disturbances, and it is non addictive. This sounds awesome! So I tried it the first night not too bad she still woke up but sleep longer period. The second night a little better. It has made her go to sleep faster and sleep longer so less wake ups. She has been sick this last week so I haven't given it to her this week hopefully she will feel better soon so I can try it again and hopefully get this sleeping thing down.

Over all Native Remedies Serenite Jr. showed me a positive results. I do need to use it more. But from the couple days I did use it it worked and it so helped. I am thankful for any help at this point because this momma needs some sleep ha ha. I cant wait to start using it again.


Meagan said...

I feel so lucky, so far all my kids have been good sleepers. Although our friends we vacation with do not have good sleepers. I will have to take this with us on our next trip!

collyn23 said...

out of my 6 kids only 2 have been bad sleepers well somewhat 3 of them my son was 3 before he slept throught the night but he had night terrors. my 4 year old was 2 before she slept through the night. and now my 2 year old so I am praying by 3 fingers crossed