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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dei Fratelli Salsa all natural and delicious

 We have alot of different kinds of Mexican foods for dinners and lunches. Our favorite thing to go with it is salsa. I buy a few different kinds because well the kinds like it sweet or non spicy, I like it smoky and chunky and my husband like it thinner and a little more spicy. So when Dei Fratelli sent some of their salsas over for us to try out I was like awesome we can use those alot.
They sent us 5 different kinds. The first one we tried was the Chipotle Salsa Medium. I love chipotle salsas I love the smoky flavoring. Me and my hubby had thins one with chips and loved it. it was soupy enough for my husband and chunky enough for me. It wasn't spicy so I loved it! Definitely my favorite!
The next one I got was the Casera salsa mild. This one was perfect for the kids. It had no spice to it. It had alot of flavor and was great on tacos and burritos. I loved the texture of this one and my kids love it even for just their snacks. This is one I will get again.

The next one was Casera Medium Hot. This one was alot spicier. I used to love spicy stuff but my stomach cant handle it anymore. My husband liked it and so did my mom. She ended up taking that one home with her. So if you like a spicier but flavorful salsa this is the one for you.
The next one was the Black Bean and Corn salsa medium. Now this is a traditional one I used to get but in another brand. We love black bean and corn salsa so it was obvious we would love this one. It wasn't spicy but mmm the flavor was awesome. This one tasted so good in our Mexican casserole. This is another one I will definitely get again it taste was way better then are normal brand.
The last one was their Original salsa Mild. This is definitely your typical salsa. Lots of flavor and I loved it! This was a family pleaser. The kids loved it and so did we. This is a great one it add with food or eat alone with chips.

So if your looking for a tasty all natural salsa you definitely need to check out  Dei Fratelli. You will be glad you did!

“This post was written for family review network & Dei Fratelli who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.”