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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Girls day with Turbie Twist

Me and my 5 daughters love to have girl days. It is a great bonding experience. What we do is paint nails, put face masks on, do hair, do makeup and just have fun. Now me and my girls all have lots of hair so that where Turbie Twist comes in for us.

What is Turbie Twist well it is like a hat / towel in one that keeps your wet or dry hair up and out of the way. This is the greatest invention. I used to use a towel around my hair and wrap it up but it never stays put and its so heavy. Turbie Twist is easy and light and stays until you take it off. I love it for after showers or bath. I love it to put my make up on and for keeping my hair out of the way when I am doing a facial mask. My girls love it and think they are cool. My 4 year old wants to wear it to school lol.
How Turbie Twist works is it is a long pocket looking like thing you flip your hair over your head and put the Turbie twist on and push your hair back into the turbie twist. Then you twist the end until tight and pull it back behind your head and tuck it into the the elastic band to secure it and then your done. So easy! It helps dry my hair and best of all they come in a variety of color and designs. We love it! I don't think we could live with out it now. It makes girls night so much easier so we can enjoy it more. Thanks Turbie Twist!
So if you have girls night or have issues with your hair getting in the way or wrap your hair in a towel after baths then you definitely need to check out Turbie Twist. You will be glad you did. They can be found at many retails like Bed bath and beyond, Burlington , Shopko, CVS, Kroger, Ross and many more.They are reasonable too priced around $5.50 for one or you can get 2 pack or more for better deals.