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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Immunet the fast and free way to keep you computer safe + Giveaway

With computers changing everything in our lives its scary thinking what people can do if they get ahold of your stuff on your computer. I have documents and pictures and alot and I know soon I need to get a external hard drive to back everything up because I have lost all my pictures and stuff before and not just once and it sucks bad. Well now I can feel a little safer with Immunet.

Immunet is a fast light antivirus that is free and you can protect everyone including your friends and family. You can pay to upgrade to the more complete version but the free one is pretty good and comparable to other antivirus out there but the only difference is this one doesn't slow down your computer. Plus Immunet can be used with other anti viruses to give extra protection.

My overall opinion was it was very fast to download and set up. It was easy to use and understand. I fully scan my whole computer and while it was scanning I was able to upload pictures and still search the web fast like nothing was even scanning. I hated some other anti viruses because the slow down while scanning and just period.  I love that it didn't take up very much memory at all. I also loved that my mom and my husband could also download it and use it as part of my community for free and be covered and safe as well. So far using it , it has safely detected and remove virus, Trojan and more so quickly and it even has stop a hacker and that is awesome.So if you are looking for a fast free antivirus that actually works check out Immunet you will love it!

About the Giveaway:

The company is sponsoring a contest through February 28, 2011, to encourage everyday computer users to view the importance of protecting themselves and their online communities – family, friends, colleagues, neighbors –  from computer viruses the same way in which they would band together to restrict the spread of a dangerous illness. Immunet is inviting members of local communities across the U.S. and globally to “immunize” their PCs against the millions of viruses circulating in the Cloud by downloading Immunet Protect Free and then getting as many members of the their personal online community as they can to also download the free antivirus software.

During installation of Immunet Protect Free, there is a prompt to Share via Facebook. Anyone who wants to enter the contest should select this option and add their name at the beginning of the pre-populated text in the dialog window. All participants’ names will be entered automatically into the contest to win Immunet Protect Plus, a $19.95 value, for themselves and up to 50 members of their personal online community, plus a $100 cash award. The winner will be selected by a random drawing on March 2, 2011