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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My daughter new addiction Peter Rabbit Organic pouches

My 2 year old has allergies and it is sometimes hard to find her stuff she likes to eat that she can eat. She loves fruits and veggies thank goodness and the new pouches alot of fruits and stuff come in to just drink is her favorites. They are easy, fast and fun. Peter Rabbit Organics has her favorites and now they even add veggies to the mix.

They have came out with 3 new exciting veggie flavors

- Pea, Spinach & Apple 
- Carrot, Squash & Apple 
- Sweet Potato, Corn & Apple
Now I know those might sound gross but my daughter loves them. I think the fruit sweetens up the veggies and she drinks them down like they are candy. She will eat them morning , noon and night. I think these new pouches are the best baby and toddler food invention yet. Less less then trying to feed them from a spoon and easy for on the go. Plus toddlers like the independence. They are fun because I think it reminds them of the juicy pouches they all love. They are great for 6 months and up. They will all love them. Best par t is they are 100% organic and perfect size to fill up their little tummies with healthy fruits and veggies.
Overall I am greatly pleased with Peter Rabbit Organics pouches. The only problem I have is I can never buy enough of them to keep them in the house haha. So if you have a little one you have to check these out. You and your little one will be glad you did! You can get them at Amazon, Babies R Us, Diapers.com and more.