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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ocarina Music for Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere

Our whole family loves music. We love to dance, sing and make music. We love listening to all types of music. It is a huge part of our daily life. From before my kids were before I gave them the gift music. I want them to grow up and have every chance to be what ever their heart desires. I try to give them the opportunity to learn to sing, dance and play music. I have always wanted to learn to play piano. Still haven't but I think it is a beautiful instrument. I learned a little of a flute in school and thought that was awesome as a kid. I was so proud even if it was just a flute. So when I heard of STL Ocarina I was intrigued in how my kids would take to it and how fast they would learn it.
Ocarina are small flute like instruments. They can be plastic or ceramic. They come in all different shapes, characters and colors. There are lady bugs, Zelda shield or just traditional ones. We got two 6 hole plastic Ocarinas (one soprano and one tenor) and a lesson booklet. After me testing it out for a few minutes it drew my kids like flies to honey. They all began to ask can I try. Now my 2 younger ones still cant quite understand the lessons but they love just tooting away on it and making up their own songs. My 6 year old tries but still hard but she loves to learn it. My oldest three can follow and learn the lessons fast. My 12 and 10 year old can already play Mary had a little lamb on it and are completely proved of them self's for being able to make a song that most people recognize right away. We love sitting down as a family and learning the next lessons and then each taking the time to practice is afterwards. This is a cheap and fun instrument to learn and play. It definitely reminds you of a flute and I think if you know how to play the Ocarina  then you should be able to pick up on a flute or any brass type instrument so much faster and easier.
Overall I am very please with it and think it has made a great impact on our family musically and now my kids want to learn more and play more instruments. I think if you want to start your kids off at around 3 or 4 playing a easy and affordable instrument that you can teach them then the Ocarina  is for you and best part it is a learning tool and a family bonding experience as well. So check them out!