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Monday, March 14, 2011

Its been a crazy but fun week!

I began last week off with a dentist appointment to figure how much its gonna cost me to fix my teeth and turns out I have 12 cavities and all but 1 of those are on the top. Don't ask me how I can have 11 on top and one one small one on the bottom lol guess my bottoms are more resilient ha ha. I don't even want to mention how much they say its gonna cost me but I will say and arm and a leg is not enough ha ha.
The next day was my youngest last speech class until August. She has a long way to go but is doing much much better. I understand her 50% of the time if I am lucky and she is not rambling on and on about something ha ha which is most of the time so I just yes and no or whatever you say girly. I love her but I wish I could understand her because her stories get intense and sound pretty interesting I think!

The next day was getting my husband car inspected and it past emissions and failed safety for a tie rod and bearing. Yi Yi Yi so I had to go get another extension for the registration at the DMV. Now it is buying the $100's in part and my hubby getting time to fix it before the 2 week extension expires.
The next day was registration my oldest for Junior High which is crazy I cant believe she is going to Junior High next year. She doesn't seem that old yet! It is so weird This week I signed her up for Junior High and my second to youngest up for kindergarten all in one week. This made me realize my kids are growing up. Not to mention we celebrated my youngest 3rd Birthday on Sunday! I remember doing her first birthday bash on Mommies angels when I first started blogging and it seems like yesterday. Where does time go?
My oldest is almost a teenager and my youngest is not a baby anymore. Its quite sad. But she had a awesome Buzz light year birthday party.She is head over heels in love with buzz light year. So I am guessing she is gonna marry a astronaut when she grows up lol. I made buzz colored cupcakes and she got lots of buzz toys. I made her a buzz jean tutu skirt and has a buzz 3 tshirt made from a great company on facebook called The Sweet and Sassy Boutique. Definitely look them up they are cheap and quality made birthday shirts personalized and hats and more for a awesome price!

Then Today kids had off for a snow day makeup day so we got my oldest hair cut and did some food shopping with all 6 kids and I tell you what I don't recommend that ever ha ha. So my week had been crazy but fun. How have all your guys week went?