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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

April is Poetry Month Why not get some Poetry Books at Candlewick Press

I have always loved poetry as long as I can remember. Maybe I am a romantic when it comes to things like that. Poetry can sure win my heart lol. I loved Robert Frost and E.E. Cummings as a teenager and still do. So when Candlewick press told me April is poetry month i was excited. I can share all the poetry with my kids as well. I want to instill my love for poetry in them because as they grow they will love it as much as me too.

Candlewick Press sent me some awesome poetry books in honor of poetry month. The first one being Switching on the Moon A very first book of bedtime poems. I love this book! I love reading this as a bedtime story and so do my kids. There are so many fun and cute poems in this book my 6 year olds favorite is called Night Light  which is a poem about twinkle little star and know who he really is. So cute! This is definitely a family favorite and I recommend this book to children of all ages!

The next book I received was In the wild.This was a great poetry book about the animals in a safari like lions, elephants and giraffes. This is a cute book and fun way to learn about animals as well through poetry. Definitely a must have in your book collection. My kids love the Rhinoceros poem. They think it is the silliest and I must say they are right ha ha. So definitely check that one out!

The next book Candlewick Press sent me was A Primer about the Flag. Which is a poem about flags and teaching kids that there are all kinds of flags that stand for many different things and used for many different things. I neat way to learn about flags!

The next book I got was Falling Hard 100 love poems by teenagers. I loved this book. I remember what being a teenager was like and all the times I thought I was in love and the heartbreaks. My 12 year old loved this one too. My other kids were a bit young for  it but we enjoy this alot me and my daughter. There are too many I absolutely loved and I am shocked in how talented these teenagers are. I love it. There is so much raw emotions and hate and love and confusion. This is a great poetry book for older children like teens and adults and it will make you feel their emotions that's for sure.

The last book they sent was called 12 Rounds to Glory the story of Muhammad Ali. This is great for a boxing lover or Ali lover or just even boys in general. It tells you the life growing up as Ali through poetry. Definitely very interesting. It is easier and funner for kids to read and my son loved it and even got to use it for his autobiography report and he hates reading and writing but he got into this book and loved it. So definitely check this one out as well.

Candlewick Press has many books and these are just some to help you celebrate Poetry month with your family and friends. So check out these books and the rest they have to offer. Candlewick Press has great prices and a huge variety of books for all ages. They are a website I go to alot for my reading needs!