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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Panstoria Artisan 4.0: Digital Scrapbooking and photo editing made easy

I take alot of pictures lol. I cant print up everyone because I don't have that kind of money but I wish so lately I have been doing collages and digital scrap booking. This way I can use multiple images in one print to save money and still have the memories saved and perfect for their books. I was recently introduced to Panstoria Artisan 4.0 and have been loving it so far!

What is Panstoria Artisan 4.0? Well it is a computer software program that lets you design beautiful digital scrapbook pages without spending tons of money! You get to design, add and edit all in one easy program. You can make photos with sayings, collages, pages with words, pictures and embellishments and so much more.
My opinion is that this program is so simple to use. I immediately was able to get into the program, add pictures, arrange them, add backgrounds, and little sayings all in less than 5 minutes. I made a cute little picture to print up and put in my daughter book to save and to look back on. I loved it! I loved that I could use digital scrap booking stuff I already had on my computer and other things I had already easily with this program. Plus it came with many little stuff too. I love I could also edit my pictures in this program as well like contrast, lighting, softness and sharpness and many more editing features. That is Awesome! I will be using this program alot with my photography business and personal uses as well. This program does it all in one program which saves time and money. I love that!

I would recommend this program to everyone with cameras, kids, pictures and etc. This will make editing so much easier and fun. You have to check it out! I even have a special coupon code: SCRAPPIN which gets you 20% off the cost of the software only. So go see what it is all about!

I received a downloadable copy of this program for my review and nothing else this in no way altered my review. The opinions are mine and are my honest feelings towards this program!! I received no money or compensation!