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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hawaiian Snacks are delicious

Kids come home from school and raid the fridge for a snack or you need a late night snack to soothe your cravings what do you turn too?? Yes those potato chips or donuts or cookies right? Well let me introduce you to Hawaiian Snacks.

What is the difference your thinking. Well Hawaiian Snacks have kettle chips which are less greasy and alot more crunchier. They are way different. They even have snack rings. I was excited to try them and so were my kids!

We got to sample each of the flavors of Kettle chips. My kids thought yay chips for snack lol. The first one we tried was my favorite the Luau BBQ. It was sweet and zesty and crunchy and sooo good! It has alot of flavor and was so satisfying.

The next one we tried was the original which my youngest took and it was hers and no one else's. She liked them so I guess they were tasty lol!

The next one we got was Sweet Maui Onion and that one was pretty good too. It reminded me of onion rings oh so yummy. The kids downed them!

The last one was the Wasabi. Haha the kids knew what this was so none of them dared try it other then my hubby and my youngest. My youngest liked them but she is a strange little kid. My husband wasn't sure at first about them but grew to like them and couldn't put them down lol.

So overall we were very impressed with the Hawaiian Snacks chips. We would definitely buy them again and share them at BBQ's and parties. So if you like chips you have o try Hawaiian Snacks you will be glad you did!