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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Le Baby products are the must haves right now!

5 out my 6 kids were born with hair! 2 of them with a full head of hair that never fell out. That was my two youngest. They both had totally unruly hair that I hated using hairspray or gel on because of the chemicals and damage it does to their hair. So when I found out about  Le Baby products I was so happy.

Le Baby products are chemical and fragrance free. I loved that! They have Le Baby Hair Gel that works on all hair types and I must say really helps keep my youngest hair together and not flying every where. This has helped so much. I normal do her hair every hour or more it seems and it never stays nice now with this I do it twice a day and it stays nice. It has not irritated her skin or scalp and she looks put together when ever we go out!

Le Baby also has a Detangler. This is what my girls love! It is also chemical and fragrance free and helps get those nasty snarls out of their crazy hair! It doesn't leave their hair greasy and makes brushing alot easier! We love it!

Company info:
Le Baby great at home or on the go, Le Baby products are a must have for every diaper bag. Whether headed to a play date, grandma’s house or birthday party, moms can create fun hairstyles and keep their kids groomed with a product they can feel good about. While designed with kids in mind, Le Baby Hair Gel works on all hair types and is great for the whole family.  Le Baby Detangler helps to make bath-time less painful for everyone, as it loosens knots and nourishes the hair.  Le Baby products are made especially for babies, kids and anyone with sensitive skin. www.lebabyinc.com  Cost: Hair Gel $9.95/ Detangler $7.95

So if you have kids like mine with lots of hair or little boys that you love to style their hair then you should definitely check out Le Baby products. You will love them and your little ones will stay cute and stylish all the time!