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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring is here Time to think about Air conditioning

I know there are alot that are still dealing with the cold like me and alot that have 80's and 90's right now and I am absolutely jealous lol. But even if it is still cold where you are its time to start thinking about tuning up the Air Conditioner. Better to be prepared then have a hot day and you turn it on and bam doesn't work! I have that happen so I know lol. Simple things like changes the air filters, cleaning the air conditioner off like the debris and cleaning it out will help save you money and stress. This is something you should do twice year in the Spring and Fall. The simple call to a  Air Conditioning Concord service can save you time and money and they have great places out there that could do your tune up and make sure your air conditioner and heater last forever with just simple maintenance routines once or twice a year. Its that time and I would hate to see something happen and you not to be prepared. So check it out and think about it. I will make bringing in the warmer weather so much more pleasant! Here's to warm weather and fun days outside and in!!