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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gripsterz Leash keep you together and safe

Now when the whole kid leash things came out I was that type of person and thought they were hilarious. You are walking your kid haha. Four kids later I am like what a awesome idea lol. So when Questionmoms.com sent me a Gripsterz to test out I was all for this. I mean I have 6 kids 3 of them 6 and under.

When we go out my kids are running around or running off to look at things when I am at stores or the mall and I cant keep all 6 of them in a stroller and hold hands all at the same time. This is where the Gripsterz comes in handy. I hook the Gripsterz to the stroller and have my 6 and 4 year old hold on to it or I can strap it to their wrist and they are always right next to me so I have my hands free to push the stroller or shopping cart. This is gonna be a awesome thing for hiking and the zoo. I fell alot better about going out now and having my kids safe by me. I love that this one leash can hold on to one or two kids and can be shorter or longer. I also love that it can clip on anything you want to clip it to. This way your kids are running out in front of traffic or touching and knocking things over. Yes my kids are good kids but they can be a handful at times and this just helps keep us together at all times. I love that. My kids love the cute little purple monkey ring to just hold on too. He is adorable and makes it so much more fun for them. It even came with a adorable story to read to them about staying together.

I love this and so do my kids. I think you will love it too so check them out and pick one up before your summer trips and adventures!