Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ramen to the Rescue cookbook

I must admit There has been times I don't want to cook much or the only thing in the house was Ramen. When I was with my Ex-husband,  me and my 2 kids lived off WIC foods and Ramen noodles and whatever was very cheap since he never gave us money to buy food. I got very creative with what I had. So when I heard about a new recipe book called Ramen to the rescue I wasn't surprised at all but I was intrigued to see what others have come up with.

I was lucky enough to receive the book for a review and trust me some of the recipes I thought I would never of thought of. Honestly there are appetizers, breakfasts, main dishes, sides, and even desserts. Yep I said it ramen for dessert ha ha! There is quite alot of noodles recipes, stir fry recipes, and soup recipes that sound yummy and obvious for Ramen. Then there are things like Ramen noodle pizza, ramen omelets, or ramen noodle pudding that made me say ewww ha ha. There are quite a few interesting ones I have to try to see how they are because I'm on the fence about them like butterscotch cranberry mounds or Asian cabbage slaw. They sound good but we will see ha ha. I love the green coconut curry shrimp bowl recipe yummy!

Overall this 231 page recipe book all to do with ramen has really intrigued me on how to take a simple and cheap item and make a delicious meal out of it for very cheap. That is important to me with a family or 8 on a extremely tight budget.This book is very worth having and reading and trying. So if your a ramen fan or on  tight budget you have to check out this book. Even if your not a fan these recipes might give you a whole new outlook on ramen! So check out Ramen to the rescue recipe book today!

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