Friday, February 20, 2009

Da Bib is Da Best!!!

I had a awesome chance to try out these amazing bibs. They are definitely the best. I love how wide they are so it covers my kids whole front. They are also plenty long enough to cover everything too. I love the crumb catcher since my two year old high chair has such a big space between my daughter and the tray so with the crumb catcher it catches all the food which means less mess for me to clean up. I also love how the seam for the crumb catcher is on the outside so that food doesn't get stuck in it.

The smaller bib called Hugs is great that it is lined with the waterproof material on the back so when that formula soaks through or the slobber soaks through it doesn't soak their outfits. Plus the terry cloth front is sooo soft i love it. though it is the smaller one is is still almost as big as the bigger kids ones. No little tiny bibs you see at the stores that cover their neck and that's it.

The bigger bib is called Giggles is made of the water proof material on both sides and its not plastic like most bibs Ive gotten and they crack over time. This one will not do that and it is so easy to clean just wipe off and clean. They are both machine washable and shrink resistant too which is awesome.

I love the collars on both of them they are adjustable Velcro actual collars and they attach in the front for easy removal and so comfortable. So if you have kids, grand kids, or need a great present for someone with kids this is the thing to get. I want to replace all my bibs with Da Bibs. I will never go back again so check them out http://dabib.com/
We are giving away two of these awesome bibs in a little over a week so March 1 I will be launching Birthday bash for my little girls 1st birthday and there will be this giveaway and some more great giveaways so sign up for my feeds and become a followers so you wont miss out on these great giveaways.

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