Friday, February 20, 2009

Slim Perfect is Perfect!!!

I honestly have not got to wear this yet as there is snow on the ground here in freezing Utah but I am excited for spring and summer because this is gonna be used alot. It is such a great outfit. It is multifunctional. I can use it to go to the pool, to workout, to lay out, even to go out.

I love the soft silky material and how stretchy it is. I love the tummy support because after giving birth to 5 kids pregnancy has not made my tummy pretty lol. I have tried it on and it fit wonderfully. I even love the extra padding and support in the breast area cause pregnancy has done them wrong too.

The Top is so pretty. I could even use it as a shirt to go out in add some jeans or skirt and I'm good to go. I love the pink trim it really makes it stand out and not look so out of fashion. The is so in as the kids say haha.

The skort I love because it is a skort. I am so self conscience now with kids and I love having shorts under my skirts. You never know when you kids will come up and lifted you skirt trust me mine have. Joys of being a mommy! I also love the length. Its not too short and not the long skirts either. I have great mobility in it to stretch and move.

Now I ha vent had the chance to wear it outside or in the pool or to work out I feel it will be a great outfit for that. Slim Perfect has all kids of styles and colors. They have dresses, shorts, tankinis, bikinis,and Capri's. So if your looking for something to make you look slimmer and feel great and look great check out Slim Perfect http://www.slimperfect.com/

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