Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No more Tissue use Boogie Wipes review!!

These couldn't of come at a better time with my 11month old battling with a severe sinus infection and her poor nose is draining and is sooo sore. Plus she has non-allergy rhinitis which is a constant runny and congested nose, and she is too young to do anything about it. So using these wipes are something I really wanted to try.
Tissues and toilet paper just makes their little noses so red and sore. I feel so bad but what else can you do? Well now with Boogie Wipes there is something you can do. These awesome wipes are so gentle to the nose and smell really great especially the grape. The other great feature is that they are wet and get even the crusted on boogies, instead of having to pick them off or a warm rag. I love that they have saline in them to help break down and thin out the mucous. They also have vitamin E, Chamomile and aloe to help soothe and condition those poor chapped and raw noses. They are hypoallergenic and alcohol free and great for all ages.
My overall opinion is whether your sick, hubby, or the kids these are a great product to have around. I definitely will be a repeat customer. I never want to be without these again. Not only am I happy with them my kids love them way better then tissue and saline drops and Vaseline (our old remedy). We will never go back again. visit www.boogiewipes.com and check them out for yourself.

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Will do. Thanks for this.