Friday, March 20, 2009

Birth Story in Honor of the JVC HD Camcoder Giveaway

OK I am trying to win the JVC HD Camcorder at An Ordinary Life http://www.aordinarylife.com/2009/03/jvc-hd-camcorder-review-and-giveaway.html
To be enter I get to share the amazing birth story of one of my kids so here goes!

Well all my pregnancies were hard ones. I always had preterm labors and complications! With Brealyne I was in the hospital daily with contractions and bleeding. I gain 18lbs total so the doctor was upset about that 2 months before my due date i was a 1 to 2 centimeters dilated. I spent alot of time at the pernatologist because they thought she had water on the brain and her heart wasn't sealed right or whatever. We did amniocentesis and she was perfectly fine just had us worried for 3 weeks til the results were back. We were so exhausted from all the stress and worries of this pregnancy. Then my doctor went out of town with four weeks to my due date for the weekend and don't you know that's when I went into full blown labor that couldn't be stopped. It was a Saturday and my doctor was scheduled to return Sunday. Thanks Doc!!! I didn't feel any contractions just heavy bleeding so I drove myself to the hospital while my Husband stayed with the other 3 kids. It was like 7ish at night. After being at the hospital a lot I didn't think it was anything.

I got there they hooked me up and behold I was having contraction 5 minutes apart. Oh Crap!! I called my husband told him to get there now! Then I called my mother to also come. They all got there and then since I haven't had the Strep B test done they gave me Ampicillin just in case. Well I was allergic to it and couldn't breath. So they had to give me oxygen and Benadryll to stop the reaction. That was fun!!!

Next the contraction were getting about 3 minutes apart and pain was kicking in. So epidural part! In comes a guy with jeans on a jersey and a baseball hat and we are thinking ummm dude your in the wrong room, nope he was the anaesthesiologist. Crap just my luck! HE yelled at me and was very not sanitary and had no bed side manners. Just Plain Rude!!!! To top it off the stupid epidural wasn't placed right and didn't work at all. Just plain useless!!

OK well It was about 9ish now and I was 5 centimeters dilated. They tell me it will be a couple more hours. Well the contractions were more intense and the baby heart rate was dropping so back on the oxygen. Well then my bed was wet so I called the nurses and my water had broke. then changed my bed but fluid just kept coming so they said ill have to deal with it til delivery was over and checked me just in case still at 5 centimeters and they left. now all that happened with in 5 minutes. well % more minutes I called the nurse and told them I needed to push they came in and said well you have a while but they would check again even though 5 minutes ago I was still 5. well they checked and I was 10 and crowning. They told me don't push whatever you do don't push. Well great advice!! I crossed my legs and tried to hold her in while they called the doctor to come ASAP! OK No doctor just a nurse suiting up still and there is no more holding her back she just comes flying out and luckily the nurse was there to catch her with one glove on.

She then precedes to clean Brea and get all her vitals and in casual walks the on call doctor and laughs and says I guess you don't need me ! Ha ha funny! he delivers the placenta sews me up after giving me shots of Novocaine to numb it a little to sew me up. yep remember no epidural. Finally they bring me my baby and say she is 5lbs 2 ozs and 17 inches long small but cute. She couldn't open her eyes she was bloated with water weight gain but she was still beautiful. Then all of a sudden she turn blue. The nurses grabbed her and started beating on her back with some plastic hammer like thing and got her breathing again kind of. They then rushed her to NICU.
A couple hours go by and the nurses not telling me anything. I was freaking out but I couldn't walk my legs were swollen up and in mobile . My whole body swelled up with water retention for the first time ever. Another hour goes by they come in and says her lungs are developed enough to stay open and they are putting a CPAP in and most likely gonna send her to Children's Primary Hospital in SLC. Well that made me more upset and crazy. I couldn't sleep and they made my husband go home since visiting hours were over and the moved me to a shared room with 3 other moms. They gave me sleeping medicine and told me not to worry. Ya right!
The next morning my husband comes and asks how she is doing I told him I don't know. So he went to find out. Here when they put the CPAP in she was doing a lot better so they kept her at NICU with us. They finally let us come she her. She was so tiny smaller then a football. with tubes and wires everywhere. We could only touch her little legs but not much because the touching caused her breathing and heart rate to change. She still couldn't open her eyes or really even move. She was so helpless. She went down to 4lbs 8ozs. She couldn't eat so they had feeding tubes in and had her on light for her extreme Jaundice.

We had to go home with out her. She remained in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. To top off all the stress there my Nephew at 21 years old passed away 3 days after she was born and I couldn't leave to go to his funeral. Me and him were extremely close! But on the 4th days she was doing sooo much better. I knew my nephew was with her in spirit giving her the energy to fight. she was tooken off the CPAP and just was in the hooded air incubator. A few days later she just had the nasal tubes for air and was drinking from a bottle not much but around 1/4 of a once which was great for her size. A few days later she was off everything but the lights for the jaundice and was now drinking 1/2 once. Now we were just waiting for her to gain weight. They wanted her to be 5lbs.

Well finally the doctors release her at 4 lbs 14 ozs. She was the tiniest thing I have ever seen. I had to wake her every 2 hours to feed her for her small size and for the jaundice. She was in premie clothes for like 6 months. Now four years later she is a healthy 4year old. She is still small only 30 lbs. Her 2 year old sister is the same size as her.

So that is the Miraculous birth story of my little angel baby Brealyne Kendra Dee. Now here are some pictures!


VickieB said...

Nice story, great pictures.

Betty said...

Thanks for sharing your story.

Opus #6 said...

I love birth stories. I'm a new follower.

Anonymous said...

So adorable what lovely pictures - Congratulations! amazing birth story - i'm 32 weeks pregnant myself so have been checking out lots of mummy blogs; theres loads of great ones here too http://my.bounty.com/blogs/tabid/54/Default.aspx He's my first baby - im hoping reading other peoples experiences will make everything ok, lol, probably not but its helping so far! x

DawnS said...

Your kids are all adorable! I'm over from FMFY club and looking forward to getting to know you better!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story! I am so glad you have a healthy little girl.