Monday, March 23, 2009

Clever Rabbit Review!!

So I got this amazing opportunity to review Clever Rabbit Clothing from Extraordinary Mothers and I love it! Clever Rabbit has the cutest little outfits. I got the brown Luis Spitton onsie and it is the cutest thing on my baby girl! I got a lot of compliments and laughs on it. So many people at the doctors office and at dance wanted one! Clever Rabbit is a hit! They have many different ones to choose from to match your babies styles!
I was pleased on how well made it was. They are nice and soft. They are the good thick sturdy onsies, not the ones that stretch out fast. It fits so perfectly. The size is right on. Clever Rabbit definitely has me hooked on their clothes! I hope some of you will go check them out http://www.cleverrabbitclothing.com/ I guarantee you will love this clothes. I am sure there is one that will make you giggle! So head on over and check them out!!!


CaseyDeuce said...

OMG she looks so cute in the shirt!! I'm loving it!!

valerie2350 said...

adorable :)

Minxy Mimi said...

She looks awesome in that cool shirt!

Jessica @ Piece Of Me said...

She is so adorable!