Friday, March 27, 2009

Industrial Joes Coffee Rocks!!

I received Industrial Joe's Bold Roast House Bold coffee and I have to say I was very excited! I opened the pack and noticed it was beans. Crap I didn't have a grinder! So the next day I got one and couldn't wait to try it and the coffee. I made it immediately and loved the smell of it brewing. I am a big coffee lover but always buy Folgers always! Well I have to say Industrial Joe's change me! I never tasted anything like this before. It was a whole new coffee experience. It is awesome! I was a bold rich sweet tasting coffee. It wasn't too strong. It was a perfect roast. Industrial Joe's has all different types of coffee and teas. It has something for everyone!
I definitely suggest Industrial Joe's to every coffee and tea drinker out there. You will be so pleasantly surprised! go check out their site and see what great stuff they have! http://www.industrialjoe.com/ I have to Thank Extra Ordinary mothers for allowing me to do this awesome review! I love Industrial Joe's coffee and they definitely switched me from Folders !


Unknown said...

yummm, we are big coffee drinkers here and always on the lookout for newer and better brands

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Hi, I am your newest follower from the Follow Me Club.