Tuesday, March 17, 2009

problem with Blog Comments and entries

OK when i was going through and authorizing the contest comments and blog comments about 40 comments got erased for some weird reason I was reading through and making sure everyone did what they said they did and making sure their emails were there and my computer shut off and when i got back on the comments were gone So I know it is a pain but if you entered contests last night and this morning before 10 am MT you might want to check and make sure your entries were Added and if not re do them sorry for the inconvenience but I don't know what happened Because of this I will not close contests at 10 MT like usual I will close at 8 AM tomorrow morning MT and then announce winner by 10 am mt tomorrow thanks and I am so sorry. Plus if you did not leave a email to be contacted or if you have a blog and your email is not visible your entries were erased you must have a visible email better yet just post it thanks!!!

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