Monday, March 16, 2009

Tropical Traditions review!

OK as some of you know I am very into anything healthy! I love healthy foods, and recipes! I received the Virgin Coconut Oil book and a jar of the Virgin Coconut oil and I have to say it was a fun review. I love reading stuff about health also. the book had info on weight loss, thyroid, recipes and more. It took me less then a day to read this great book because I just got so into it and wanted to know more! It has some great recipes like horseradish crusted salmon, coconut fish fingers, beef stroganoff, chocolate fudge brownies, coconut smoothies and many more. there is chapters on coconut in pets diets and coconut oil for skin health and overall health benefits. It has a lot to offer anyone that reads this great book!

The virgin coconut oil to me since it is cold here looked alot like lard ha ha just smelled better. I made a Alfredo seafood stir fry and instead of using olive oil to fry it up I use the coconut oil. It had a slight hint of coconut but very slight and it worked awesome. my food didn't taste greasy or like coconut. It was wonderful! After reading the book about all the benefits of using coconut oil instead of vegetable oils to be healthier I felt so much better after cooking with it and using it. I knew that it was better for my family. The best part is even my family couldn't tell i didn't use the normal oil i usually use. I am definitely glad I had this great opportunity to read about and try out Virgin Coconut oil. After everything i read and tasted I will definitely be switching to Coconut oils.

I definitely recommend you try it or at least get the book and read about the great stuff it can do! check out it and many other Organic products at Tropical Tradition here http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/

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Anonymous said...

Virgin coconut oil is one of my favorite healthy oils. It also makes an excellent natural hair conditioner and moisturizer. I leave in in my hair for about 30 minutes and then wash out. It leave my hair thicker, shinier and healthier-looking. Works better than any other hair conditioner and it's completely natural! Virgin coconut oil also works great as a natural skin moisturizer. I find it really softens and moisturizes my skin after taking a shower.